How to Cater Events

Many restaurants and professional caterers offer catering opportunities for large events and parties. Whether it’s a wedding, reunion, get together, or another large event, if you don’t want to cook, you can have someone else do it for you.

But how do you make sure your catering fits what your gathering needs, and doesn’t add another layer of stress to the proceedings? Well, for starters, think about what your gathering is for and how many will be attending. If you are hosting a wedding or otherwise fancy get together, then you’ll need fancy food.

If it’s a small get together with around twenty people, then some finger or fast foods will be just fine. Before even placing the order, keep the tone of the event and the crowd size in the back of your mind, and it will help when picking the catering service. 

Cater well in advance

If you are preparing for catering events near Twin Cities, then be sure to place your order a few weeks in advance. This will allow time for the caterer to prepare and organize the meals, and allow you to deal with any changes in scheduling or guest count. You should have an open communication line with the caterer at all times, and always be sure to give accurate information to reduce stress on both sides.

Most caterers won’t be able to give a price quote during the first phone call, because they need to do their own math and take the time to buy the food and add in the cost of labor. You might be able to get an estimate at best, but keep in mind the price could change and you’ll get a true price quote closer to the event.

Meet with them in person

Meeting with the caterer in person is often the second step, as it gives the caterer an idea of the space they have to work with and the style of the event. By this time, you should have an idea of how many people will be at the event and should communicate that to the caterer. The caterer will often tell you where their equipment will go and how they will use the space, and you can figure out any needs the caterer will have.

This should also be the time where you both get an agreed upon price and sign a contract, and any other questions and concerns can be ironed out. The caterer will then use all the information to pack food, utensils, plates, and other supplies, before bringing it to the site. Then the food will be unpacked, arranged, and set out for the customers.

The caterer might stay with their staff and help plate and pass out the food, or they may drop the food off and let everyone serve themselves. Then the rest of the payment is made and that is that! You’ve hired your first catering service.

It might be simple or complex, but hiring a caterer for an event ensures that everyone can be kept well fed, happy, and can have a wonderful time!